• Coonawarra Katnook Estate Health Assessments for Vignerons

    Health assessments and education sessions with owners and employees from many different vineyards in the Coonawarra region. Fantastic to meet such a great group of people focused on their health.

  • Training Tip #6

    Most fun runs or running events will include a couple of hills so adding them into your training route makes sense…  See other training tips

  • Training Tip #5

    Core and upper body strength is paramount for improving running times and distances.  ….  See other training tips

  • HMF701 Scholarships 2014

    Scholarships are now open to study Agricultural Health and Medicine in 2015  Apply now!

  • Seeking farming family members bereaved by the suicide of a partner or parent
  • Training tip #4

    Choose the right music. You can find ‘running’ playlists from your favourite music provider … Run 4 Farmer Health

  • Nursing and Allied Health & Support Schemes

    Hurry as Allied Health Scholarships and Support Schemes (NAHSSS) close October 15th, 2014. Find out more

  • Q-fever and Australian farmers

    Congratulations to our graduate (GCAHM) student Hana Morrissey on her article in The Australian Journal of Pharmacy Read more

  • Run 4 Farmer Health

Farmer Health Fact Sheets

Alcohol free events

Alcohol free events

Alcohol is served at many social events; a family BBQ, a birthday party, Saturday afternoon…
Parsnip rash

Parsnip rash

Parsnip rash, also called phytophotodermatitis (PPD) is a skin condition caused by contact with some…
Alcohol and farmers

Alcohol and farmers

Alcohol is widely used as a social drug, but it can cause many health, social,…