• Fitter Farmers – A Call for volunteers

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  • Run 4 Farmer Health in 2015!

    We’re back again! Come join us in Run 4 Farmer Health 2015!

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  • Young Farmers Scholarship Program

    Young farmers in Victoria can now access scholarships of up to $10,000 to help boost skills and implement new on-farm initiatives.

    The Victorian Government’s new Young Farmers Scholarship program aims to support young farmers to build productive and profitable careers in agriculture.

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  • The Ripple Effect Steering Group Nominations now open

    The Ripple Effect Steering Group Nominations now open    Read more

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Farmer Health Fact Sheets

Farm business planning

Farm business planning

Farmers need to plan to make sure their farm business will continue to support them…
Farmer fitness

Farmer fitness

Farmer fitness Farmers don’t do as much physical activity as they used to, and need…
Farmer’s fever

Farmer’s fever

Farmer's fever, also called organic dust toxic syndrome (ODTS), is caused by breathing in dust…