Help seeking for social and emotional wellbeing in young rural adults

Over 75% of social and emotional wellbeing issues occur before the age of 25.

Are you willing to give 5-10 minutes of your time to help fix this?

Are you a rural adult aged between 18 and 25?

The National Centre for Farmer Health has a new research project—we’re trying to understand how young people seek help for social and emotional wellbeing. We’re working to develop more effective and appropriate support networks and services for young rural adults… and that would be a good thing – right?


For your information: 

HMF701 Ag Health and Medicine 2011  Plain Language Statement

HMF701 Ag Health and Medicine 2011  Consent Form

HMF701 Ag Health and Medicine 2011  Withdrawal of Consent

Further information is available from:

Alison Kennedy (Research Fellow) or
Lachlan Skilbeck (Deakin Honours Student)
(03) 5551 8533.