HMF701 Scholarships

HMF701 Agricultural Health and Medicine

24th – 28th February 2020

Scholarships are now closed

By studying Agricultural Health and Medicine (as a post graduate course or a single unit) you will become part of the next generation of agricultural and health leaders (nurses, doctors, veterinarians, farmers and agricultural professionals) who understand cross- sector collaboration and can make a difference in rural communities. 

You will increase your understanding of the social, environmental, physical and mental health factors that result in higher rates of injury, illness and death in rural and remote communities. This information will be beneficial to professionals looking to improve agricultural production and sustainability or to improve health provision, research, policy and literacy in rural and remote communities.

In February 2020, the core unit of Agricultural Health and Medicine HMF701 starts with a five-day intensive session, in Hamilton, Victoria (February 24-28). The unit is offered at a postgraduate level through Deakin University, School of Medicine, and provides continuing education points for nurses, doctors, vets and social workers.  It can also be taken as a standalone subject. Assessment and tutoring will be completed off campus using Deakin Studies Online over the remainder of the trimester. HMF701 is also the prerequisite for eligible health professionals wishing to become AgriSafe™ clinicians.

To read more about the HMF701 ‘Agricultural Health and Medicine’ unit click here.

The care, experience, passion and knowledge of the course organisers shines through. This enthusiasm is infectious, motivating & life changing in a positive diection. Thankyou.
From a nursing perspective, I have more of an idea what injuries and illnesses to expect from the agricultural population. From a farmer perspective, there are many tips I will take back to my farm and implement.

Scholarships On Offer

There are a number of scholarships on offer for students enrolled in HMF701 in 2020.

National Centre for Farmer Health – 8 x $1,650

National Centre for Farmer Health Scholarship


The National Centre for Farmer Health will provide a limited number of scholarships to financially assist students who would like to undertake further study in area of Agricultural Health and Medicine. Scholarships are open to applicants who enrol in HMF701 either as part of their Graduate Certificate in Agricultural Health and Medicine, or as an elective at Deakin University or other university post-graduate course.

There are three categories of scholarships, valued at $1,650, to be used by successful applicants to subsidise travel, accommodation and/or unit fees. Applications are now CLOSED.

1. Open Category

2. Veterinarians, Optometrists or Psychologists

3. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Selection Criteria
Scholarships are now CLOSED
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