Hypothetical Précis

Disease Outbreak in “Sheeptown”!

Hamilton Performing Arts Centre, Main Auditorium

Monday 17th September, 4:45pm – 6:00pm

As part of the ‘Sowing the Seeds of Farmer Health’ Monday afternoon session, from 4pm

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The Conference:
The 2nd biennial National Centre for Farmer Health conference ‘Sowing the Seeds of Farmer Health’ is taking place from 17 – 19 September 2012 at the Hamilton Performing Art Centre. The 3-day conference engages health and agri-professionals, policy makers and academics in highlighting the health, wellbeing and safety issues of farm men and women, agricultural workers and their families. It will raise awareness and develop strategies to overcome barriers impacting the rural and agricultural health sector.

The Hypothetical:
The Hypothetical will bring together a notable and diverse group of individuals to discuss a ‘what if’ disease outbreak affecting both sheep and humans, with reported cases in “Sheeptown” (a fictitious place) in Western Victoria, occurring just as the nation is getting ready to eat lamb on Australia Day!!!
To present an entertaining, lively and informed discussion on a serious but hypothetical issue affecting the health, wellbeing and safety of the farming community.
The scenario is purely hypothetical, with panellists responding to the situation by drawing on their knowledge and expertise. The panel will also take into account social, environmental, financial and political factors facing the general community. This will take shape in a Q&A-style format, lead by the host.
The Host:  
Jamie Fisher, Jamie Fisher & Associates (Lawyer and Farmer)
The host will shape the hypothetical ‘discussion forum’ and direct questions to individual panel members.
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2012-07-31 Disease outbreak – are we at risk?
The Panel:
1 Farmer Rob Henry TAS Woodrising Farms
2 Agri-professional Cathy McGowan AO VIC Catherine McGowan Consulting www.cathymcgowan.com/
3 Communications and Rural Events Consultant Esther Price WA Esther Price Promotionsestherprice.com.au/index.htm
4 Academic / Social Epidemiologist Anthony Hogan ACT Director, National Institute for Rural and Regional Australia, ANUwww.nirra.anu.edu.au/
5 Industry Jock Laurie ACT President, National Farmers Federation – www.nff.org.au/
6 Medical Practitioner Scott Kitchener QLD Medical Director, Queensland Rural Medical Education – www.qrme.org.au/

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