Media and marketing

Media releases and articles:

2012-08-28 Celebrating farms through a lens – Hamilton Spectator

2012-08-23 Farmer Health Conference – Stock & Land

2012-08-23 Farmers’ biggest fears – Hamilton Spectator

2012-06-26 $10,000 To Sow the Seeds for Farmer Health

2012-06-23 Top speakers on way

National Centre for Farmer Health

2012-07-31 Disease outbreak – are we at risk?

2012-07-06 Celebrating Farm Life Through the Eye of a Camera!

2012-05-31 NCFH conference – get your seat while you can

2012-03-01 World-class speakers signing up to ‘sow seeds of farmer health’

2011-12-01 Health and farming…connect the dots!


Marketing material:

A3 ‘Sowing the Seeds of Farmer Health poster [PDF 342kb]

‘Sowing the Seeds of Farmer Health’ postcard [PDF 3.3mb]

Photography competition information poster updated [PDF 1.1mb]



Download PDF Download the ‘Conference Handbook’ [PDF 3.2mb]