Gear Up for Ag Health & Safety™

What is it?

The GEAR UP for Ag™ program is relevant to any student that is involved with agriculture, lives on a farm or working  on a farm.  The key objective is to connect with students in a practical and fun interactive way about preventative safety actions they can carry out while farming or working within the agricultural industry.

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Why is this important?

Embedding safety and health awareness is critical to maintaining the wellbeing of the next generation of farmers living and working together in the agriculture industry.  Here at the NCFH, exploration of the farming community advises that 60% of farmers suffer from hearing loss and 40% suffer moderate to severe body pain which occur damage starting at early age and  51% of that group NEVER wear a helmet while riding a quad bike or motor bike.

Safety responsiveness is a serious matter and one that needs consideration and attention at any age.

How is GEAR UP delivered?

The program is delivered on site at schools by a qualified facilitator and adapted to school needs and timing choices, which ideally is between 2 and 3 hours in duration.  The topics offered will vary from personal safety to high risk areas in agriculture with fun and interactive health and safety strategies.

Students are asked to complete a survey pre and post the training session to gauge their learning and the effectiveness of the program.  The students will also receive an extensive free startup PPE kit containing everything from safety glasses, hearing protection, goggle to reusable chemical resistant gloves.

Make a difference to student health & safety at your school.

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Gear Up for Ag is a program developed by Carolyn Sheridan, a leading not for profit organisation that focuses on health and safety for the next generation of agriculture, for more information visit www.aghealthandsafety.com

For further information and to book your Gear Up for Ag Health & Safety Session Contact:
Cecilia Fitzgerald cecilia.fitzgerald@wdhs.net
OR National Centre for Farmer Health on 03 5551 8533