ifarmwell.com.au is a new online tool kit to help Australian farmers cope effectively with life’s challenges and get the most out of every day.

It has been designed based on

  • what farmers want
  • what research shows will help

Farmers who test all five of the engaging online modules (30-40 minutes each, about 2 weeks apart) and complete the questionnaires before and after, will have the option of being sent a $100 voucher to partly reimburse them for their time and internet-related expenses.

You do not need to be experiencing poor mental health to help test this website.

It has been designed to help improve ALL farmers’ wellbeing.

We are currently evaluating the impact of the website if you…

  • are 18 years of age or older
  • have access to the internet, a mobile phone
  • you OR your partner currently own OR play an active role in the operation of a farming or pastoral enterprise in Australia, we would really value your help.

Visit www.ifarmwell.com.au to register and help test this important new, confidential, free and farmer-focused resource today.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Click here to download PDF poster