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Farm machinery is associated with approximately 11% of traumatic deaths on farms in Australia. There are also a number of hospitalisations every year and many injuries that are not reported. Injury caused by powered machinery and equipment is also the cause of compensation claims in Australia. Many of these injuries have long term disabling effects.

Falls from machinery are a common cause of injury. Combine harvesters, graders, towed implements, unguarded power take off shafts (PTO), augers and chainsaws are all involved in injuries on farms. Tractors are a major cause of death and injury on farms. All these accidents can be avoided by using proper safety procedures.

Farm safety – machinery

Machinery is responsible for many deaths and injuries each year on farms. Particular culprits include tractors and quad bikes. Common tractor accidents involve roll-overs, run-overs and unguarded power take-off shafts. All tractors must have roll-over protection and always use seat belts. Don’t let passengers, in particular children, ride on a tractor.

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  • Farm machinery is a major cause of death and injury on farms. Tractors and augers are involved in many deaths and injuries.
  • To prevent accidents, make sure everyone on the farm knows how to use machinery safely and properly.
  • Make sure all machinery complies with safety standards and always use guards and shields.
  • Keep children well clear of machinery, they are easily run over and should not be passengers or drive farm machinery.

Last updated: 7th February, 2019